About me

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Bre has been belting out to the heavens for as long as she can remember. She started singing frequently in church at the age of eight, but it wasn’t until a life-changing fifth grade talent show performance that she realized how much she loves performing.

At age fifteen her vocal coach urged her to take an acting class to get out of her shy bubble and she caught the acting bug, but it wasn’t until age seventeen that she realized her passion for the craft. While studying Musical Theatre at Columbia College Chicago, she participated in various plays, musicals, and short films on-campus.

She was also an active artist in the Chicagoland theatre community, winning a Black Theatre Alliance Award and being featured in the Chicago Tribune for her work. Bre recently moved to Atlanta, GA and is currently building her network and working on various projects while continuing her acting and vocal training. Her ultimate goal is to use storytelling to give voice and inspiration to those who aren’t often heard.